Colorado Renters Insurance

It’s not uncommon for renters to ask, “Why do I need Renters Insurance? I don’t own the place. Isn’t my landlord responsible?” When you don’t own you home, the subject of Renters Insurance can be confusing. You have a lot of things that are important to you – jewelry, clothing, electronic and computer equipment, furniture and more.  Your Renters Insurance policy covers your personal property against theft and damage. For example: if disaster strikes your building, you landlord’s policy covers the building itself but not your possessions. Renters Insurance can also have other benefits such as personal liability (you accidentally start a fire in the home) and injury liability (you or a guest is injured in your home).

Don’t think you have enough stuff to insure? You may be surprised. People usually have more personal property than they realize. Once you add it all together, it’s not unusual for your possessions to be worth thousands of dollars.

It’s important to consider many different coverages when purchasing Renters Insurance Coverage:

Property Theft
Property Damage
Personal Liability
Injury Liability Coverage for Visitors
Disaster Coverage
Living Expenses if forced from dwelling
and More . . .


Best of all Renters Insurance is very affordable (usually less than $20/month) especially when bundled with auto, life, and other policies. Give One Street Insurance a call today and let us find the correct Renters Insurance Policy for you!

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